Portable Chloramine Boosting System

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Portable Chloramine Boosting System

A portable trailer-mounted chloramine boosting system combined with an active water mixer is an innovative and essential tool for municipalities seeking efficient and effective disinfection of potable water storage tanks. This system is designed to provide on-site chloramination, which is the process of adding chloramine, a combination of chlorine and ammonia, to water to achieve long-lasting disinfection. The portability of the trailer-mounted unit ensures that it can be easily transported to various locations, addressing the needs of multiple storage tanks across different sites within a municipality with a single system. The compact design of the trailer allows for easy maneuverability and quick setup, making it an ideal solution for emergency situations or routine maintenance.

The versatility of this system makes it suitable for various applications beyond potable water storage tanks. It can be used for disinfecting pipelines, water mains, and other critical components of a municipality’s water distribution network. This flexibility is particularly beneficial during construction, repairs, or when addressing contamination incidents. The system’s mobility allows for rapid deployment to affected areas, providing immediate chloramine boosting capabilities to restore safe drinking water to the community.

Safety and ease of operation are paramount considerations in the design of the trailer-mounted chloramine boosting system. The enclosed trailer protects the equipment from environmental factors and unauthorized access, while the user-friendly interface ensures that operators can quickly learn and manage the system. Comprehensive safety features, including leak detection, spill containment, proper ventilation, are integrated to protect personnel and the environment from potential hazards associated with chemical handling.

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(760) 717-2249 or info@bigwavewater.com

Frequently Asked Questions

How big are the trailers?

Typical sizes are 6’x10 to 7’x16”

Can chemicals be transported in the trailer?


What power is required?

120 volt, 20 amp circuit

Can this be used for more than one tank?


How big are the chemical storage tanks for storing chemicals?

Typical sizes are 220 gallons for sodium hypo and 65 gallons for ammonia solution.

Other sizes are available upon request

Does the trailer come with all of the necessary equipment mounted inside?


Are the walls lined with a protective coating?

Rhino lining is used to cover the interior walls of the trailer.

What is the floor lined with?

Non skid, PVC coin patterned flooring.

Does it come with an eyewash station?

Eyewash stations can be provided

Are chemicals properly labeled?


Is the trailer supplied with power?

Trailer comes with a disconnect switch.

Where is the best place to install a trailer at a reservoir site?

Typical install is located right next to the reservoir, usually near the hatch.

Can you rent trailers?