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Located in Oceanside, California, we’ve designed the most advanced reservoir mixer and chloramine boosting system for the municipal water market.

Tidal Wave Mixer

The Tidal Wave Mixer was designed to vastly improve water quality and storage tank longevity.

Chloramine Boosting System

The CBS was designed to be an easy to use secondary disinfection boost system, that significantly improves water quality.

Hurricane Blower

Our new active air ventilation system that enhances water quality and improves asset longevity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CBS?

The Chloramine Boosting System is an automated disinfection system for feeding chlorine and ammonia in potable water drinking water tanks and reservoirs.

What kind of analyzers can I use?

Our system is vendor agnostic. Typical analyzers used with our system include Prominent, Evoqua, and Hach analyzers.

How much water does the mixer move?

With high energy mixing, we have shown to have uniform residual in a 9 million gallon reservoir in under 24 hrs. with only 1 mixer.

How much horsepower does your mixer use?

We have solutions ranging from .5 HP to 3 HP.

What site work is required at the tank?

Power needs to be pulled to the blower control panel. A penetration in the tank needs to made. Install hatch for blower to mount to.

Can your mixer be maintained by a local technician or does it need to be sent back to the factory for service?

The Tidal Wave mixer is the only mixer on the market that can be serviced by municipal staff. No need to send into the factory for service. Ever.

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Water storage tanks are essential components of our infrastructure, ensuring a reliable supply of clean water to our homes, businesses, and communities.
Potable water reservoirs serve as crucial components of our infrastructure, facilitating the storage and distribution of clean water.

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